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About KanDo
The KanDo Organization LLC is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have a "can-do" attitude, so it's natural to create a Tulsa Kan Do site.  

So what the heck is The KanDo Organization LLC?  It is the umbrella for the businesses started by Karen J. O'Brien, and includes KanDo Administrative ServicesKanDo Mobile Notary, and KKD Writing Services.  

My Organization motto is:  Old-fashioned ethics using modern methods.  I treat everyone as I wish to be treated.  Work is handled quickly and professionally, and for a fair price.

To learn more about each of the businesses, please click on the respective link or picture.
Interested in learning more?
Virtual Legal Assistant
Mobile Notary
Let me write it for you!
  • Virtual Assistant - a partner in your business without taking up your space
  • Legal Assistant - your documents done professionally, correctly and quickly
  • ​Transcription a specialty - digital, cassette tape, or handwritten

Time is money.  Your time is worth more doing the things you know and like to do.  Let me handle the rest.​  If I don't offer a particular service, I'll help you find someone who does.
Traveling Notary serving Northeast Oklahoma from I-35 to I-40 to the state borders helping:

  • Individuals who need documents notarized, from vehicle titles to adoption paperwork, POAs, temporary guardianship for children
  • Attorneys who have clients unable to travel to their office
  • Mortgage and Title companies with loan documents to close
  • Dealerships with no on-site notary
  • A person who needs to be sworn in for a deposition over the phone

Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00 to 6:00, Sat Noon to 5:00, including most holidays. Some Sundays may be possible with pre-appointment.

Appointments are preferred, but service may be available within 1 hour after your call.  I may be dealing with projects in my other services, and can't just drop and run.

Fees include travel to your location and the identification of all signers by means of driver license, passport or Native American card.  Travel charges are due whether anything is notarized or not.

I am not an attorney and will not be able to answer specific questions, however if you have basic questions that are generic in nature, I may be able to help.

Writing - Editing - Proofreading

  • When you have something to say, but not exactly sure how, contact me.

  • Have you written a book or article that needs proofread or edited?  I'm your helper.

  • Do you need to get the word out about a new service your company is offering, or accomplishments you're proud of?  I do press releases.
I take cash or major credit cards except AMEX